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“This was my first mediation with Mr. Russell and he will forever be my top choice. This particular mediation was extremely challenging. He took the time to really understand all the different issues in the case and to challenge the issues on both sides. He takes the time in the beginning to explain the mediation process which helped make my client comfortable. This mediation went far past our scheduled time, but he continued to take the time to get us to a resolution. He played a crucial role in the resolution of this matter and was able to get the job done. I highly recommend Mr. Russell and look forward to having him mediate cases in the future.”

Barbara Walsh, Esq.

Viles and Beckman

"Mediator Patrick Russell walked me through a difficult situation with a calm professionalism, guiding me with his expert experience, making the mediation process as painless as possible."

Franco Caporicci

Caporicci Holdings

"Patrick mediated a case of mine recently involving a property damage homeowner’s insurance claim for an AOB client of mine. I had never mediated with him previously, and the circumstances involved in the case raised some tough issues. Patrick serving as the mediator absolutely assisted in the resolution of this matter. My perception of Patrick is that he is fair and will certainly help both see the good, bad and indifference in their cases. Additionally, and more importantly to me, my client left that mediation expressing gratitude to Patrick for all of his efforts. I will certainly suggest using his services again in the future."

Dustin Hite, Esq.

The Professional Law Group


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with you during our mediation. From the moment it began, you created an environment of open communication and trust amongst the parties that allowed for an honest conversation without any hostility. Your calm demeanor and excellent communication skills allowed for new developments within the case to be formed and will help shape the discussions between both parties going forward. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Karina Harduvel, Esq.

Walton Lantaff Schroeder & Carson LLP


"Patrick’s assistance with this difficult case was invaluable.  He took the time to listen to the parties and their respective counsel, learn the issues and was able to guide us to a satisfactory agreement.  His involvement saved my client thousands of dollars in anticipated litigation fees."

Joel Bello, Esq.

Bello & Martinez, P.L.L.C.


"I found the mediation to be extremely helpful. You allowed us to see what exactly was holding us up and resolve using real numbers, not just arbitrary numbers. Thank you for following up with us as well!"

Roxana Ros, Esq.

Bloomfield | Ros, PLLC



"Patrick worked hard to close down what, after several hours, appeared to be an immeasurable gap. I would definitely recommend and will be using again." 

Aaron Velmosky, Esq.

Weisser Elazar & Kantor, Pllc.

"Patrick knew the case very well and I liked that he was able to follow along each of the opening statements from both sides and give a summary at the end.  I really liked the presentation that Patrick gave at the beginning so that everyone, especially the clients, understood the meaning and purpose of a mediation. I did not know of Patrick before this mediation, but from now on he will be my first choice."

Karel Suarez, Esq.

The Legal Team 


"Patrick has an excellent demeanor for Mediation - he is courteous to the attorneys and clients.  He is effective in efforts to resolve litigation disputes."

A. Thomas Connick, Esq.

A. Thomas Connick, P.A.



"I had the pleasure of mediating a complex personal injury case with Patrick Russell. In the past, I had known him as opposing counsel in a few other personal injury cases. Patrick brings a unique perspective and excellent communication skills to the negotiating process. He did not allow the parties to abandon negotiations when we seemed too far apart, and we were able to get the matter resolved with his efforts. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick as a mediator in my general personal injury practice."

Bradley Winston, Esq.

The Winston Law Firm



"Mediator Russell did a fantastic job explaining the mediation process and helping my client feel comfortable with its in-caucus decision-making in light of the parties’ competing positions and the facts at hand. It was my first mediation with him, but I will certainly recommend him to clients in the future."

Gabriel Fernandez, Esq.

Tinelli Fernandez



“Patrick Russell was critical in the mediated settlement agreement. His approach was thorough, empathetic, and persuasive, which ultimately lead to the settlement of a highly litigated case.”  

Dairon Montes de Oca, Esq.

HL Law Group


“Patrick was an excellent mediator for our case. He brought real-world litigation experience as well as a tireless energy directed towards dislodging parties from their entrenched positions with creative ideas that bring them closer to resolving their disputes. I look forward to working with him again.“

Hector Valdes, Esq.

Bronstein & Carmona


"Patrick was an effective mediator and got the job done. He had read the pleadings prior to the mediation and was prepared. The case was settled, and all parties were equally unhappy. That’s a sign that the mediation was successful!"

Noam Cohen, Esq.

Noam J. Cohen P.A.


"Mr. Russell was a fair and practical mediator. He made all parties feel very comfortable with the process and maintaining the expectations of the purpose of mediation. Highly recommend Mr. Russell and his mediation services."

Ariel Mitchell, Esq.

The Law Office of Ariel E. Mitchell P.A.


"Patrick's background and experience as a seasoned litigator and Florida Bar ethics attorney has prepared him to be an excellent mediator. I highly recommend his mediation services. Patrick takes the time to evaluate both sides of every case before mediation, to ensure that the mediation is meaningful and productive irrespective of the outcome. As a result, Patrick is able to pinpoint the issues and engage with each side effectively right from the beginning. I intend to use his services again in the near future. Thank you Patrick."

Ivan Abrams, Esq.

Abrams Justice Trial Lawyers

“Patrick was fantastic.  He understood the issues, but more importantly, he understood the parties.  What started as a mediation that was certain to result in an impasse ended up amicably settling in a way neither party thought was possible. I highly recommend Patrick and look forward to mediating more cases with him.”

Richard L. Barbara, Esq.,

Richard L. Barbara, P.A.


"Patrick Russell was our Mediator at a recent mediation that was in a highly contested first party property insurance dispute. I had never had him as a Mediator previously though I know the firm he is with well. He did an EXCELLENT job of keeping everyone engaged and pushing toward resolution in a way that smoothed emotions and got a tough to settle case settled."

David Bronstein, Esq.

Bronstein & Carmona

"I cannot thank you enough for trying to help us resolve our case. I received your mediation challenge coin and it’s a great daily reminder to me how many of these cases we can resolve if we all just listen to each other.


I appreciated your professionalism and enjoyed your presentation at the inception of the mediation. It made the experience light-hearted and put my clients more at ease with this whole process. I also think you helped both sides re-evaluate a lot of new points and gave us direction and insight on where you see the case going moving forward."

Lauren Cabrera, Esq.

Moises | Gross

“I had the pleasure of using Patrick in a pre-suit real estate mediation recently; and it was a pleasure. Not only had he read the materials, but was knowledgeable about the case law and the relative strengths and weaknesses of each party. His skills persuaded the other side—which had been intransigent till then—to come to Jesus and settle the matter amicably. Kudos to a mediator who knew not to inflame passions.”

Ian Illych Martinez, Esq.

Bello & Martinez, P.L.L.C.



“Mr. Russell was a fantastic mediator. He was an effective communicator and his knowledge of first-party property insurance cases – from both plaintiffs and defendants perspective – made our mediation run efficiently. He was extremely professional but also sympathetic to my client’s position. I would recommend him to any attorney who needs a mediator who actually helps each side view their case from the other party’s position.”

 Emily Dominguez, Esq.

Greenberg Ramon-Alonso & Urbano

"As a mediator, Patrick Russell presented a new gold-standard by which I plan to measure both mediator and mediation going forward. Critically,  Mr. Russell invested the exact amount of time needed to outline the purpose, process and philosophy underlying mediation clearly and concisely. His charisma, commitment, and patience, coupled with his preparation and focus, demonstrated to our client first-hand that some really do believe in cooperation over conflict. This is to say, it was a pleasure to work under Mr. Russell’s guidance."  

Payton McCann, Esq.

Valiente Carollo & McElligott

“Mr. Russell was an excellent mediator for our first-party property insurance case. Mr. Russell is extremely knowledgeable (having worked both sides of the fence in this specific area of practice), practical, efficient, a problem-solver, pragmatic, and more. I’m not just saying this because I felt he was more on my side, as the Plaintiff’s attorney, than the carrier. That would not have pleased me at all because those mediations tend to be utterly fruitless. Instead, Mr. Russell was quick to accurately and precisely point out in a very professional and non-antagonistic matter what the problems were on both sides of the aisle, and encouraged a compromised resolution in order to mitigate unnecessary risk. The man is a physical human embodiment of the equivalent of a Skynet Terminator geared toward conflict resolution. I will continue to use Mr. Russell, especially in the most challenging of cases.”

Jesus "JD" Moises, Esq.

Moises | Gross

"Mr. Russell is an excellent mediator, and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of competent, experienced, and a committed advocate for resolving a difficult claim. Mr. Russel engaged with us so thoroughly, that he was able to really understand our point of view. He helped both parties see their case’s potential merits and shortcomings.  Even though we did not settle during mediation, Mr. Russell’s efforts were instrumental in our resolution soon after the conference."

Stephen Deitsch, Esq.

Deitsch and Deitsch PLLC

"Patrick went the extra mile in conveying the positions of the parties in our dispute.  Thanks to his tenacious demeanor, the parties were able to come up with an agreeable framework that moved our case closer to resolution."

Kir-Sheng Chen, Esq.

Cole Scott & Kissane



“Patrick Russell is a fantastic mediator.  Mr. Russell has extensive experience in both plaintiff and defense work and has also served as an attorney with The Florida Bar.  Mr. Russell’s approach to mediation is designed to open lines of communications to the parties and provide a space where each side can move towards an effective resolution of their matters, thus saving time, expense and aggravations that can be associated with protracted litigation.  If you want a “meaningful” mediation, reach out to Patrick Russell.  I highly recommend him.”

Eric Rosen, Esq.

Rosen Injury



"Thank you for being the Mediator for our recent Mediation.  I appreciate your efforts and insight in attempting to achieve a resolution.  More importantly, your continuing efforts after the Mediation may assist if the case settled."

Mitchell Katler, Esq.

Law Offices of James Kehoe, III.



"Mr. Russell was a fantastic mediator, whom I would use again. He was able to work effectively on both sides of the aisle despite difficulties on all fronts."

Edgard Cespedes, Esq.



"As a litigator with experience in high volume areas like foreclosure and first party property insurance, I have had the opportunity to work with over a thousand mediators. Patrick has been one of the most effective mediators by a long shot. He was able to successfully bridge the gap in a relatively straightforward case that was made impossibly complex by the litigants and their experts. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any attorney who wants an actual mediator rather than a numbers delivery person."

                 Carlos Santi, Esq.

Property & Casualty Law Group 


"I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Russell on a particularly complicated matter that involved significant claims and great personal animus and distrust between the parties. We chose Mr. Russell based on his background, professional reputation, and focus on diplomacy in mediation. I firmly believe it was this diplomatic approach that allowed the parties to resolve their dispute without the need for further litigation and trial. I would use and recommend Mr. Russell again without hesitation, particularly in cases where a diplomatic approach is required." 

                 Anonymous (confidential settlement) 


“A successful mediator needs to have equal parts -- people pleaser and knowledge of the law.  Mr. Russell has both and gets the job done.” 

                 David Hagen, Esq.

Law Office of David A. Hagen, P.A. 


“I had little confidence that our matter would resolve at mediation because the parties had attempted to settle the case ourselves to no unveil.  Whatever you did to convince my client to pay more than she was contemplating and to get the Plaintiff to accept substantially less than he thought he was entitled to has certainly gained my admiration.  I will certainly seek you out for future alternative dispute resolutions.” 

                 Reginald Mathis, Esq.

Reginald A. Mathis & Associates 


“While this wasn’t my first mediation, it was the first utilizing a Zoom teleconference and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Your professionalism and experience were certainly on display and I wouldn’t hesitate using your services again in the future and will be recommending you to any of my colleagues looking for a mediator.” 

                 Robert Leff, Esq.

Law Offices of Robert B. Leff 


“Mr. Russell quickly grasped the issues and understood its complexities and dynamics. He was well prepared beforehand and in his presentation he was both fair and sincere. I would highly recommend  him as a mediator.”   

                 Harold Truppman, Esq.

Harold B. Klite Truppman, P.A. 


“Patrick was considerate and understanding of the positions of both sides. He was impartial and genuinely cared foremost about resolving the dispute”   

                 Morton Antman, Esq.

Morton Antman P.A. 


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