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Miami Florida Mediator

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Florida Supreme Court Civil Circuit and County Certified Mediator
WIND Certified Umpire

Scheduling: 305-371-5490

Mobile: 305-608-2977

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Patrick Russell is a Miami Florida mediator with Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution. Patrick has been certified as a Florida Supreme Court Civil Circuit Mediator since 2009 and is the former Chair for the ADR Section of The Florida Bar (2021-2022).


Business disputes, commercial litigation, condominium and homeowner associations, insurance claims and coverage, personal injury, premises liability, and real estate.


Patrick's diverse legal experience as a lawyer on both sides can help focus the mediation on the issues that matter most and make the process more efficient.


Past Plaintiff Experience:
Early in his career, Patrick spent nearly two decades managing his own law firm. Significant experience gained in legal matters involving commercial litigation, contracts, first-party insurance claims, homeowner associations and condominiums, personal injury, and real estate law. Patrick appreciates the demands that lawyers face when trying to manage a busy schedule while producing excellent work and results, all while managing clients' expectations.

Past Defense Experience:

Prior to mediating full-time, Patrick was a Trial Partner with Lydecker | Diaz. During this time, Patrick was responsible for the defense of high-exposure personal injury and premises liability claims. As lead trial counsel, Patrick was responsible for assessing risk, developing a trial strategy, retaining and working with experts, and engaging in regular high-level communication with adjusters. Based on this experience, Patrick understands how insurance companies assess risk and what adjusters need in order to evaluate and resolve claims.

Past In-House Counsel Experience:

Patrick's first legal position was as a general counsel for a national corporation. Served as lead counsel for all collection efforts while addressing any needed corporate legal and compliance matters. In this position, Patrick developed an awareness of the unique perspective and needs of a business in relation to litigation and resolving legal claims.


Past Ethics Experience:

Patrick was honored to serve as an ethics trial lawyer for The Florida Bar. Managed multiple grievance committees on behalf of The Florida Bar and handled ethics trials as well as appeals with the Florida Supreme Court. Patrick believes that ethics and professionalism are a choice, and that the entire legal system is elevated for all, including lawyers themselves, when lawyers maintain the highest level of ethics and professionalism. 


Patrick's mediation philosophy is that mediation is all about problem-solving. Patrick uses an integrated approach to problem-solving by fostering an environment that promotes meaningful discussions between the parties. Patrick seeks to build an environment of respect and trust in order to encourage the sharing of information between the parties. Through the sharing of information, the parties are more likely to focus on solutions rather than positions, which can lead to collaboration and joint problem-solving. When parties mindfully listen, speak and act during mediation, they can better understand one another, trust one another, and are in a better position to resolve their differences.

University of Miami School of Law, Juris Doctor, 1993
Marquette University, Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, 1990




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