• Patrick Russell

Meaningful Mediation - Go Get Some!

This is my inaugural blog posting for Meaningful Mediation. Ethical, mindful, dispute resolution is a passion. When done right, it is also transformative. I am glad you are here and willing to learn more.

I hope you all enjoy the website and resources that are being shared, just as much as I have in putting them all together. As for now, please check out the Resources page that will be periodically updated with articles and links to all things related to dispute resolution. Also in the works is a video series that I will produce to cover tips on topics related to mindfulness, mediation, and negotiation. Stay tuned.

As time goes on, I will be using this platform to share my ideas and tips for how to transform mediation, negotiation, and even your own perspective to make mediation more meaningful. I plan to keep these updates short and brief out of respect for everyone's time and attention. If you want more, you know where to come. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Stay well,

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