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Patrick Russell’s mediation strategies rest on a powerful foundation of tactical thinking, ethics, and diplomacy that are governed by his prior service as an ethics trial lawyer for The Florida Bar.

“I had little confidence that our matter would resolve at mediation because the parties had attempted to settle the case ourselves to no unveil.  Whatever you did to convince my client to pay more than she was contemplating and to get the Plaintiff to accept substantially less than he thought he was entitled to has certainly gained my admiration.  I will certainly seek you out for future alternative dispute resolutions.” 

                 —Reginald Mathis, Esq.


In addition to his ethics work, Patrick has nearly three decades of legal experience as a statewide litigator prosecuting and defending civil claims in the private sector for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in small and large law firms.

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Patrick has been an active leader with The Florida Bar where he is the former Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and serves on its Executive Council. 

“A successful mediator needs to have equal parts -- people pleaser and knowledge of the law.  Mr. Russell has both and gets the job done.” 

                 —David Hagen, Esq. Law Office of David A. Hagen, P.A.

Patrick was honored to lead and organize the “Be Well Stay Well” Health and Wellness Series for The Florida Bar, a six-part health and wellness program for Florida lawyers.


You are better prepared to help others when you first take care of your own health and wellness. 







Patrick has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Court Mediator since 2009 and has been practicing law since 1994.

“Mr. Russell quickly grasped the issues and understood its complexities and dynamics. He was well prepared beforehand and in his presentation he was both fair and sincere. I would highly recommend  him as a mediator."

                 —Harold B. Klite Truppman, Esq.

Before joining Salmon & Dulberg, he was a Trial Partner with a large Miami law firm where he also created and led the firm’s first statewide Mediation Division.


Patrick’s diverse legal experience includes:


  • Insurance Law and First-Party Property Claims

  • High Exposure Personal Injury Claims and Premises Liability Matters

  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility Issues

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Business Entities and Startups

  • Condominium Associations

  • Debt Collection and Judgment Enforcement

  • Product Liability

  • Real Estate Law Matters


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Patrick’s core values are honor, professionalism, and courtesy. He uses an integrated approach to problem-solving by fostering an environment that promotes meaningful and peaceful discussions between the parties.

"Patrick was considerate and understanding of the positions of both sides. He was impartial and genuinely cared foremost about resolving the dispute"

                 —Morton Antman, Esq.

Patrick's mediation goal is to unleash peace to have less conflict and more resolution. When parties mindfully listen, speak and act during mediation, they can better understand one another, trust one another, and are in a better position to resolve their differences. 


Many litigators leave behind a legacy of conflict. Throughout his entire career, Patrick has maintained mutual respect with opposing counsel, many of whom are and remain friends. With courtesy, honesty, and respect as his guiding principles, Patrick prides himself on having a reputation as a relationship-builder who looks to the lessons of history to guide solutions for the future.




Understanding history can guide us in the present to prepare for the future. Through his non-profit organization, The Making History Project, Patrick conducts oral history interviews of combat veterans. The goal of this project is to preserve the stories of combat veterans through video interviews and bring greater awareness as to the effects of combat trauma.

"While this wasn’t my first mediation, it was the first utilizing a Zoom teleconference and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Your professionalism and experience were certainly on display and I wouldn’t hesitate using your services again in the future and will be recommending you to any of my colleagues looking for a mediator."

                 —Robert Leff, Esq.


Make Your Next Mediation a Meaningful Mediation

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Florida mediator Patrick Russell

Mediation 2.0 requires more than number and shuttle diplomacy, it requires mindful problem solving, and I am dedicated to working tirelessly to that end.

"The mediation process is elevated when the parties involved see clearly the issues at play and are attuned to the interests and needs of the parties themselves. Amid conflict, these insights are elusive, and a mindfully aware mediator can help establish the conditions to enable the parties to meaningfully engage in the resolution of their dispute, leading to more enduring and sustainable outcomes."


Scott L. Rogers, Director, Mindfulness in Law Program & Lecturer In Law, University of Miami School of Law