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Meaningful Mediation

Patrick Russell’s mediation strategies rest on a powerful foundation of building trust, maintaining professionalism, and maximizing the ability of the parties to make good decisions.

The Formula for a Meaningful Mediation


  • Prepare for mediation with the intention of resolving the dispute. This perspective is different from preparing to win the trial. Before mediation, identify and exchange information with the other side so they can make informed decisions as to your positions on liability and damages.  
  • Calculate the settlement value of your case and develop a strategy to manage client expectations and evaluate settlement offers. Have a negotiation plan for the moves to make at mediation. Be proactive by calculating the risk-adjusted value of the case so your client can weigh the options for settling or continuing litigation.
  • Adopt a mindset for problem-solving and sharing information during mediation. Listen carefully without judgment to what the other side is saying to gain information and insight into their position, concerns, and what they may need to resolve the case. Employ empathy by trying to understand the view of the other side, what motivates them, and what they rely upon for their position. Share information with the other side that is needed or that could change their view of the case. 

BENEFITS FOR LAWYERS: Meaningful mediation can help resolve difficult and emotion-driven cases. The goal is to find a solution rather than focus exclusively on the problem. The emphasis of meaningful mediation is the sharing of information, learning something new, and working collaboratively with the other side to find solutions. Check out the Testimonials to see how meaningful mediation has worked for others.

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Patrick has been an active leader with The Florida Bar as the former Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section and serves on its Executive Council. 

BENEFITS FOR CLIENTS: A meaningful mediation feels empowering. The parties themselves work together to solve the dispute under the terms they crafted. They can also save the time and expense of further litigation and repair otherwise broken business relationships. Leading the way to proactively resolving disputes is a great service to the clients as well as to an overburdened Court system. 

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Patrick has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Court Mediator since 2009 and practicing law since 1994. Patrick has extensive legal experience and the enhanced perspective of pursuing claims on behalf of Plaintiffs against individuals, corporations, and insurance companies, as well as defending individuals, corporations, and insurance companies as Defendants. In addition, Patrick was honored to serve as an ethics trial lawyer for The Florida Bar.   

EFFICIENCY MATTERS: Knowledge of the law and prior legal experience can help focus the mediation on the issues that really matter. Patrick’s diverse legal experience includes:


  • Commercial law and Contract dispute mediation

  • Condominium and HOA mediation

  • Construction law mediation

  • Debt collection mediation

  • Insurance law and Property claims mediation

  • Personal Injury claims mediation

  • Premises liability mediation

  • Professional malpractice mediation

  • Real Estate law mediation

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Patrick’s core values are courtesy, honor, and professionalism. He uses an integrated approach to problem-solving by fostering an environment that promotes meaningful and peaceful discussions between the parties.


A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE: A meaningful mediation encourages everyone to communicate and listen in a mindful and non-judgmental way. When this is done, parties work with facts and not emotions which leads to better choices. From there, parties are more likely to build rapport, share information, and work collaboratively.

Picture of chess pieces depicting the necessary strategy needed for mediation

Through his non-profit organization, The Making History Project, Patrick conducts oral history interviews of combat veterans. The goal of this project is to preserve the stories of combat veterans through video interviews and bring greater awareness as to the effects of combat trauma. Understanding history can guide us in the present to prepare for the future.



Make Your Next Mediation a Meaningful Mediation
Available Statewide and for Online Mediation

Florida mediator Patrick Russell

Mediation 2.0 requires more than number and shuttle diplomacy, it requires mindful problem solving, and I am dedicated to working tirelessly to that end.


"The mediation process is elevated when the parties involved see clearly the issues at play and are attuned to the interests and needs of the parties themselves. Amid conflict, these insights are elusive, and a mindfully aware mediator can help establish the conditions to enable the parties to meaningfully engage in the resolution of their dispute, leading to more enduring and sustainable outcomes."


— Scott L. Rogers, Director, Mindfulness in Law Program & Lecturer In Law, University of Miami School of Law


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