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ADR Section Mentoring Academy

ADR Section Mentoring Academy

Mentoring at Its Best

Each year, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of The Florida Bar hosts a robust mentoring event. The annual mentoring event alternates each year between mediation and arbitration. This year the mentoring event focuses on mediation and is sure to be the Section's premiere continuing legal education event.

The members of the ADR Section have expressed a strong desire for mentoring opportunities so that new and seasoned members alike can gain practical insight on how to improve their practice and skills. The annual mentoring academy was created to address this need.

What is The Mediation Mentoring Academy?

The Mediation Mentoring Academy is a two-day interactive and intensive in-person workshop. The faculty for the Mediation Mentoring Academy are Florida Supreme Court Certified mediators with extensive and diverse mediation experience.

The goal of the Mediation Mentoring Academy is to provide advanced mediation techniques for the participants to take their practice to the next level. The benefits of attending the Mediation Mentoring Academy include:

  • Practice techniques and receive live, immediate feedback that will make you a better mediator.

  • Gain appropriate, ethical mediation techniques to address complex litigation.

  • Advance your experience in handling hurdles that can appear in complex cases.

  • Improve how you handle openings in circumstances ranging from hostile to congenial—what to do and when.

  • Get pro tips on how to test party-imposed limitations without overstepping ethical boundaries.

  • Learn technology tips that can enhance your practice and improve your clients’ experiences.

  • Increase your statewide network of mentors and co-mediators.

  • 11.5 CLE/Live General CME credits, 1 CLE/CME Ethics credit, 1 CLE Technology credit, and 7.5 CLE/CME Professionalism credits.

A Unique Experience

The format of the Mentoring Academy is unique and sure to keep your interest. There are of course panel discussions covering practical tips and instructions for mediation, but also an interactive and non-scripted role-play for a challenging mediation that encourages everyone to participate.

Also included is a participant roundtable to generate new ideas for evolving mediation issues, and a concluding discussion between former Chairs of the ADR Section as they share their wit and wisdom. Finally, there will be plenty of opportunities to network and socialize including a dedicated reception just for that purpose.

An Honor and Privilege

I am so grateful to be included as a faculty member for this fantastic event. It is a great honor to start the Mediation Mentoring Academy with a presentation on Mindfulness in Mediation and how mindfulness can help improve mediation outcomes. Likewise, I am looking forward to sharing time again with my colleagues as former Chairs of the Section during our concluding discussion.

With so many great mediators to be present, I plan on being a sponge and soaking up some great ideas to help improve my own skills.

Register for the Mentoring Academy

If you are a mediator and want to improve your skills, this is the event you will not want to miss. The Mentoring Academy is taking place on February 24-25th in Tampa, Florida and you can register HERE. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Less conflict, more resolution.

Patrick Russell

Miami Florida Mediator

Meaningful Mediation is Ethical, Mindful, and Strategic

meaningful mediation

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