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Happy Holidays with Gratitude

Don't Fear the Holiday Cheer

The Holidays at the end of the year can be both joyful and stressful for many. Joyful as to the season's decorations, music, the gathering of family, and the excitement of children. Stressful in trying to meet deadlines and objectives associated with work, shopping, and traveling.

I would suggest there is a simple way to make this time of the year special for all. It only takes a simple change in perspective. This could be the greatest gift that you give yourself or someone else. Don't believe me? Try this simple thought experiment and let me know if it does not improve your outlook immediately.

All is Good

The Holiday season arrives at a magical time when the year ends and a new one begins. This provides an amazing opportunity to double up on two gifts you can give yourself. There is the gift of gratitude for all you have and what was accomplished over the past year. Then there is the gift of hope for the new year, a fresh start, additional goals, and new plans. This is a potent elixir, a booster shot if you, for happiness.

Gratitude and Hope

Gratitude is the antidote for negativity. It focuses on what you have while negativity focuses on what you do not have. Being thankful for your health, family, friends, possessions, and work really puts things in perspective. And with this perspective, you can see that not all is bad.

Hope on the other hand generates excitement, planning, and action. Just think about any time you start something new and how you feel. Combining gratitude with hope is a sure way to cure any Holiday doldrums. Now imagine applying this secret sauce as much as possible in your life on a daily basis. Why not try it out, what do you have to lose?

Happy Holidays and New Year

I am so grateful for being able to help my fellow lawyers resolve disputes. It is both an honor and privilege to be of service. There is no greater joy than seeing a conflict resolved and the parties being able to have more peace and closure in their lives. My hope is to continue this work and with your help, to improve my skills and the process as we do this together. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous Holiday and New Year!

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