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Mediation Tip: Being Mindful Impacts Mediation Outcomes

Let's clear up some misconceptions right away about mindfulness. Mindfulness is not a religion, a yoga mat is not required, nor do you need chanting, candles or a waterfall. Mindfulness is simply being aware in the present moment without judgment. In the end, being mindful is only awareness, perception, and a state of mind.

Mindfulness Basics

Mindfulness has a long and ancient history but is backed by modern neuroscience. Studies have shown that mindfulness has positive effects on the parts of the human brain that regulate emotions and happiness. Mindfulness has also gone mainstream as many universities, major corporations, sports teams, and even the U.S. Army now use it.

When you are being mindful, you are able to discern situations for what they are in a calm and deliberate manner. Instead of using assumptions, biases, or emotions, you are using facts to make decisions. When making decisions in a mindful manner, you are evaluating not reacting. A mindful view is broad, inclusive and strategic, not narrow and limited.

Finally, communication is enhanced when you are being mindful. Mindful communication entails concentrated listening to your counterpart without judgment to gather information. Likewise, mindful communication means that you will choose appropriate words and body language to keep the dialogue going in a useful way. When two people are communicating in a mindful way, there is really no problem they cannot try to solve.

Mindfulness Benefits for Mediation

With this understanding of what mindfulness entails as well as its goal, I am sure you will agree that mindfulness is in fact an important tool for dispute resolution and mediation. Being mindful with a concentrated and clear mind, is an obvious asset for problem solving. Likewise, communicating in a mindful way opens doors for solutions and collaborative work. Resolving a legal dispute at mediation takes two, and mindfulness can help get you there.

If you are interested in learning more, please be sure to check out the Resources page on the website as well as this fantastic article by Professor Leonard Riskin: Knowing Yourself: Mindfulness.

Stay well,

Patrick Russell

Miami Florida Mediator

Meaningful Mediation is Ethical, Mindful, and Strategic

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