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Happy Holidays and New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and even better New Year!

We all have plenty to be grateful for including our health, family, friends, and accomplishments throughout this past year. As we gather with family and friends, let's try to savor and be mindful of those special moments. Sit back and observe. Resist the temptation and habit of making the Holidays another to-do list action item. Now more than ever, we all can, should, and deserve to take a step back and just truly be.

Now also is a great time to set some positive intentions for what you want to accomplish for the New Year. I would suggest that you dive deeper and include some intentions for personal growth and improvement. This means more than just losing weight, kicking a bad habit, achieving some financial goal, or buying a material object. Rather, work on yourself for improving a personal skill such as patience, compassion, or empathy while also pursuing deep inner peace and happiness. Ask yourself how you can be a better person. Consider ways in which you can pay it forward by helping others or volunteering as this is also a great way to develop satisfaction and happiness.

Remember, change does not happen on its own. Set the intention with a thought as to what you want to do. Plan actions for how to implement that change. Implement those actions and make them a habit. Next thing you know, you will have true change. If the intention is to have happiness, you may find that happiness is not as elusive as you may think.

Be well and see you on the other side of Next Year.

Patrick Russell

Miami Florida Mediator

Meaningful Mediation is Ethical, Mindful, and Strategic

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